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We take care of a smooth process and a complete service so you can enjoy your party! There is no attendancy needed to run the photo booth so your guests get the wildest and craziest moves on their pictures. Gadgets for even wilder photos are included. If you want to have the attendancy just talk to us, we will prepare an individual offer for you.

  • transport and set-up. no matter where and when you want to have the cabin, we deliver and set it up for you. Usually we prefer to do the set up before and the dismantle after the party is finished to not disturb your guests.
  • unlimited pictures. to stop while its best? no way! you and your guests can take as many photos as you wish. the sky is the limit, no extra costs for you.
  • individual colour selection of the pictures. black and white? sepia or coloured? you and your guests choose – either in advance or just right there in the photo booth. perfect individual pictures, the quality stays the same.
  • personalized layout of the pictures. involve your logo or slogan. choose a background and add some effects. you want 1, 2, 3 or 4 different pictures on one photostrip? your guests will take your design home – what a memory of the event.
  • customized layout of the cabin. make the photo booth your ambassador. front, back, left, right, even the curtains – the cabin can be styled however you wish to. we’ve got the contacts to cover it – layouted by your wishes.
  • digital archive. no pictures will be lost! after your party you get all pictures taken in the photo booth that day or night in digital form. dropbox, usb-stick or online gallery – you choose.

B2B we offer a special model of pricing, refunding your costs. Let’s talk about it!


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